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Collection > Volume 26 Numéro 3 (2016) > Cahier d’analyse >

Christian Calon’s Continental Divide
Chronography of a Continent

Ariel Harrod


Christian Calon’s film-installation Continental Divide (2013) asks the question “What is the time of a very large space?”. This paper questions the work itself to see how it tries to answer this question. By putting into resonance Calon’s discourse regarding his work, a description of the materials comprising the work and a descriptive restitution of my own experience of the work, it explores how 1) a singular composing of sound and image, 2) a specific mode of diffusion, and 3) their encounter with a listening subject can render possible the audiovisual experience of “the time of a very large space.”

Keywords: audiovisual installation, Christian Calon, chronography, Continental Divide, listening, sound transcription.

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