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The Vocal Music of Ana Sokolović
Love Songs for the Twenty-First Century

Tamara Bernstein


Enchanted by the vocal music of Serbian-born Canadian composer Ana Sokolović́, Tamara Bernstein visited the composer at her home in Montreal. Sokolović́’s music draws on several sources, including the theatrical world and the culture of the Balkans. The extended vocal techniques in Sokolović́’s music are rooted not in the avant-garde music of the twentieth century, but in the oral traditions and poetic voice of Serbia. It seems that the more the composer returns to her cultural roots, the more she embraces the universality of the human soul.

Key words: Ana Sokolović́, Queen of Puddings Music Theatre, contemporary opera, music of Balkans, music for female voice, Ensemble contemporain de Montréal (ECM+).

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